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The Skinny on Skinny

Why do you want to lose weight? That sounds like a simple question, doesn’t it? It’s not. Have you ever really put thought into why “losing weight” has become the purple-robed, crowned, and enthroned goal of the fitness-driven? More importantly, have you ever questioned its right to rule? Well, you’re about to, and let me tell you…the regime change isn’t going to be pretty.

The Waning Powers

First, let’s take a look at who has had the most influence in this ongoing debate so we can identify the culprits behind the “weight-loss” dynasty. There are three main influencers: doctors, supplement companies, and you. Sounds like the title of a book, and it very well could become one. But, today, we’ll just cover the basics of these rulers to expose the constant abuse on their subjects.


I have an exercise for you. I want you to stop everything you’re doing right now and look-up the curriculum for all medical schools in the United States. Then, I want you to count the amount of fitness and nutrition courses that you find in those programs. Don’t worry about grabbing a pen. If you have one hand, you’ll be able to keep a tally.

When you complete the exercise, feel free to do what everyone else does- sit stunned and ask yourself, “How could this be?” Well, never mind “How” for now. That’s for another rant. The important thing to understand is the reason why doctors suggest weight-loss. The reason is that it’s all they know.

When illness and disease markers are associated with being overweight, the doctor, being uniformed, feels the need to give weight-loss advice in hopes of reversing the illness, disease, or potential thereof. This advice is usually the standard “eat less, workout more, energy in/energy out” thing. We’ll discuss the folly of this prescription in a second. Let’s move on…

You Need a Pill for That

Another main reason why “losing weight” is on your to-do list is because many supplement companies need it to be. You see, all a person or company has to do is convince you that losing weight is the way to optimal health. If they can do that, they can sell you anything that leads to that end. As a supplement company, all I’d have to do is sell you a gross of empty capsules and instruct you to take them once per day in lieu of one of your meals. PRESTO! MIRACLE PILL! You will lose weight, because you’re body is losing resources (discussed in a moment), and you will be on the road to super-duper-healthiness. Right?

You Don't Understand

I don’t mean this facetiously, but don’t beat yourself up over what I’m about to say. After it’s already been beaten into your head by doctors, supplement companies, pharmaceutical companies, governments, the media, and everyone else around you, I completely understand how you could find yourself defending a long-held, seemingly “official,” belief. But, I have to say it. If you believe that weight-loss is healthy, you are part of the problem. You are supporting these kings with your money, time, energy, and lip-service, all the while not realizing that what is happening to your body is not leading to optimal health.

That’s a weird thing to hear, right? I know. It felt strange to write it. But, it is, nevertheless, true. If you want to allow yourself to reach your highest genetic potential in the simplest way possible, you’re going to have to change your belief system. There just isn’t another way around it. We’re running out of time, but I will leave you with the following example so you can begin to understand why dethroning “weight-loss” should be your very next step in your fitness journey.

The Car Needs It's Parts

Let’s say that your car is heavier than usual. You’ve packed that thing full of trash. I mean…you have really crammed it in there. There’s hardly even space for you to squeeze yourself into the driver’s side door and get to where you need to go. You’ve become nearly immobile. And, any mobility that you’re able to accomplish has become sluggish and very uncomfortable.

Now, let’s assume you have been told that the reason your car is so heavy and difficult to operate is that your car has a weight problem. Therefore, the best way to alleviate any future driving issues is to lose the weight as quickly as possible. (Are you seeing the cause and effect disconnect, yet?)

You then, being a concerned and responsible individual, begin to remove heavy things from the car: a couple of tires, the radiator, a few engine cylinders, the hood, the passenger-side back door, most of the fuel, and a little bit of trash. You drop the car down almost 500 pounds in a matter of hours. SUCCESS!!!

Is it? Is that success? Is removing and damaging critically important parts of your car’s function and form success? No. Neither is removing and damaging critically important parts of YOUR function and form, and that is precisely what happens when you focus on weight-loss as opposed to fat-loss. You damage your body in order to reach some arbitrary weight.

So, if your mechanic wouldn’t pat you on the back for a job well done, why would your doctor or supplement salesperson? It could really only be for one of two reasons: they are attempting to dupe you into requiring their assistance, or they just don’t know any better.

The fact is that you CAN remove the trash (fat) out of your car (body) while at the very same time improving your car’s look AND function (muscle and organs). Now, do you think that this much healthier and esthetically pleasing approach is likely to tip the scales as much as draining and throwing away important resources and parts? No. It won’t. But, we want to keep our muscles, organs, bones, connective tissue, limbs, and healthy fuels well intact. Thank you very much. We just want to lose the fat. As a matter of fact, we might even chose to upgrade this thing!

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