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Are you ready to do the bare minimum for maximum results with the industry leading fitness, nutrition, and efficiency researcher and coach, Trainer Jay?  Of course you are.  Everyone is looking for the simplest and healthiest way to get to their ultimate goals as quickly as possible.

Here's how to get started:

1.  Decide which "bare minimum for maximum results" program you want:  One Live (FULL!), One Online (with Skype), or Program Design.  Click on each below to learn more.

2.  Contact Trainer Jay to let him know which program you've chosen or if you need help deciding which program is best for you.

3.  Sign-up and do the bare minimum for maximum results.  It's that simple.


Work one-on-one with Trainer Jay as he leads you to "bare minimum for maximum results" victory live in your own home.

Save time and money by training with Trainer Jay in one of his real-time, one-on-one online video session packages.


Independent?  Trainer Jay will design your complete fitness & nutrition program, teach it to you, & leave you to the results!

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